UBIQ provides high performing, lighter weight materials for the construction industry. We offer a superior, yet price competitive, environmentally friendly alternative to fibre cement products.

Our products comprise eco friendly building materials to our own patented formulations. They are low carbon, high performance products with approximately 55% of the embodied energy of comparable cement boards and contain over 62% of recycled industrial materials.

UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS product range includes flooring and lightweight cladding.

Our composite INEX>FLOOR comes in 16mm and 19mm thickness and can be used as a simple substrate for other finishes or as a polished concrete like finish in itself. It is also certified to deliver an FRL in the DOWN direction for up to 90 minutes.

Our 3 cladding options, INEX>RENDERBOARD, INEX>EXPRESS and INEX>WEATHERBOARD, collectively deliver the full range of finishes required for most projects. Critically, they all deliver a BAL-FZ and/or FRL 60/60/60 without the use of any other fire rated materials. We put a man on the moon over half a century ago, so we should by now be able to affordably clad a building which by default delivers a 1 hour fire rating.

What can you create?

With our advanced engineered cementitious composite technology we have developed BalPlus – the world’s first ballistics panel system that delivers ballistics protection, plus fire rating up to 3 hours (-/240/180), plus electromagnetic radiation (EMR) shielding.

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