UBIQ Low Carbon - Fibre Reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) Technology

UBIQ provides lightweight Flooring and Cladding products for the construction industry. Critically, our products are both low carbon and high performing. Our patented Low Carbon Fibre Reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) Technology has been in development for over a decade to produce it’s range of building boards for the construction industry.

UBIQ’s innovative technology has been developed with the aim of producing a ‘world’s best’ building board. 

Our INEX>BOARDS offer improved performance over the typical fibre cement products used in the industry. The formulation of INEX>BOARDS are patented and the products are designed for Australia Standards and Australia Building Construction Code (BCC) so that INEX>BOARDS are fully accredited for Australia, where they have been in use for over 10 years.

The most accurate description of INEX>TECHNOLOGY is a lightweight and high performance Fibre Reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite or FRECC for short.

With the advantages of using magnesia cement binder which exhibits breathable characteristics due to its a bone-like cellular structure, INEX>BOARDS has excellent strength, high performance and durability. It is also designed for light weight with high performance.

It is resistant to the UV light and weathering such as heat or cold, wind or rain. INEX>BOARDS provide low GHG and VOC footprint in the products. It is non combustible and offers substantial fire rating as well as acoustic insulation of the finished products. It is ready to accept most construction adhesives, stains, paints or mineral coatings and has inbuilt adhesion enhancement.

INEX>BOARDS is reinforced by the fibreglass meshes which are high alkali-resistant coated with high strength and modulus of ruptures for improving its strength performance, especially in the flexibility and durability.

UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS™ are; low carbon, beautiful, flexible and won’t break your building budget.

Below we summarise some of the benefits of UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS™:

Low-Carbon Energy
UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS™ minimise harm to the planet through a low energy production undertaken at room temperature. The embodied energy of our board is considerably less than that of the fibre cement boards or calcium silicate-based plasterboards. 

INEX>BOARDS™ demonstrates the dimensional stability in accordance with AS/NZS 2908.2-2000.

With high flexibility, INEX>BOARDS™ can be designed for the required strength with thin panels.

INEX>BOARDS™ are suitable for all climates and the products has met the durability test requirements in accordance with AS/NZS 2908.2.

Fire Resistance
INEX>BOARDS™ are non-combustible in accordance with AS1530.1 and according to AS1530.4-2014 all of INEX cladding products deliver an FRL of 60/60/60 for both timber and steel frame.

Bushfire – BAL-FZ
INEX>BOARDS cladding systems meet BAL-FZ (AS3959-2018 Section 9) via testing to AS1530.4-2014.

Acoustic Resistance
All of our products have been extensively tested by PKA Acoustic Consulting and deliver excellent acoustic resistance.

Impact Resistance
INEX>BOARDS™ offer a higher impact resistance than that of fibre cement or the impact resistance plasterboards currently on the market.

Moisture Resistance
Our boards have been tested to AS2908-2 and meet the requirements of Water Permeability, Soak & Dry, Heat & Rain of that standard.

Healthier Living
UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS™ promote healthier living. They contain less than 0.5% crystalline silica, free asbestos, and they do not promote the growth of fungus and mould.

All of the above are just some of the benefits of our INEX>BOARDS™. It is exciting that all of these improved performance credentials can be found in one low-carbon product – in a range of building boards for flooring & cladding solutions.

Please feel free to contact our team at UBIQ should you require any further information about our INEX>BOARDS™.


It is our mission:
‘To provide the construction industry with a simpler range of high performance products that in their production and use minimise harm to our planet and its occupants’.

We look forward to working with you to achieve this aim.

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