UBIQ’s new BalPlus Technology represents a ‘game changer’ in field of Ballistics Modular Wall System
‘Bal’ for Ballistics Resistance – Certified to AS/NZS 2343:1997 and UL 752
‘Plus’ for 3 Hours Fire Rated – Certified to AS1530.4:2014 FRL -/240/180
‘Plus’ for Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Shielding – Average 31.77 dBm between 325 MHz to 3.425 GHz
‘Plus’ for a pre-finished Modular Walling System – standard Colorbond finishes inside and outside of the wall system.
‘Plus’ for an R-Value of 3.5

All in the one single self-supporting product delivering an overall wall thickness of only 75mm

BalPlus Applications Include

CIVIL: Telecommunication Rooms, Secure Data Centres, Embassies & Law Enforcement, Safe Zones.. etc..

DEFENCE: Tactical Edge Data Centres, Firing Ranges, Forward Deployment Protection…etc…

UBIQ: BalPlus Modula Wall System – Comparison with Existing Anti-ballistics Products





Armour alloy

Kevlar etc.

Ordinary Portland Cement



Body protection


Buildings & structures


Body Shields


Barriers & walls

Walls require frame

Walls require frame

Rely on mass and/or fibres

Self supporting wall system

Bullets ricochet

Can absorb bullets

Can absorb bullets

Absorbs bullets

Medium weight



Medium weight

3mm to 12mm

8mm to 18mm


22mm to 35mm

No fire resistance

No fire resistance

Fire resistance

Fire resistance – 3 hours

Supply chain issues

Not suitable for walls

Only in-situ walls

Walls & modular Blgs.

EMR shielding

Limited EMR shielding

Limited EMR shielding

EMR shielding

* Engineered cementitious composite

BalPlus Wall System before & after its 4 hour fire test at CSIRO

Fire testing to AS 1530.4:2014
Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures Fire-resistance tests for elements of construction.

3 (three) hours achieved as
FRL -/240/180

Testing undertaken at CSIRO, North Ryde. 12/04/23.

Overall wall thickness 75mm.

Professor Paul J Hazell is a global leader in the field of ballistics materials.


“As a Professor of Impact Dynamics, my primary research focuses on the behaviour of materials and structures under the extreme conditions of shock-loading. Through my work, I explore cutting-edge material designs tailored for defence and civil applications, such as advanced armour systems, vehicle survivability solutions, and innovative weapon technologies.
UBIQ Technology’s Ballistics Panels are a highly innovation and disruptive technology that represents a significant improvement in ballistic performance of a cement, but also a ground breaking fusion of ballistic and fire-resistant properties within a cement composite. This innovation has the potential for multiple applications in both civilian and defence sectors, or where fire resistance and ballistics resistance is required. It may also have advantages in blast protection over and above conventional cement-based structures.”
Professor Paul J Hazell
Professor of Impact Dynamics,

Sample of ballistics performance below -  contact UBIQ for further qualifications.

AS/NZS 2343 – R1&S1
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