UBIQ’s new BalPlus Technology represents a ‘game changer’ in field of Ballistics Modular Wall System
‘Bal’ for Ballistics Resistance – Certified to AS/NZS 2343:1997 and UL 752
‘Plus’ for 3 Hours Fire Rated – Certified to AS1530.4:2014 FRL -/240/180
‘Plus’ for Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Shielding – Average 31.77 dBm between 325 MHz to 3.425 GHz
‘Plus’ for a pre-finished Modular Walling System – standard Colorbond finishes inside and outside of the wall system.
‘Plus’ for an R-Value of 3.5

All in the one single self-supporting product delivering an overall wall thickness of only 75mm

BalPlus Applications Include

CIVIL: Telecommunication Rooms, Secure Data Centres, Embassies & Law Enforcement, Safe Zones.. etc..

DEFENCE: Tactical Edge Data Centres, Firing Ranges, Forward Deployment Protection…etc…

BalPlus Wall System before & after its 4 hour fire test at CSIRO

Fire testing to AS 1530.4:2014
Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures Fire-resistance tests for elements of construction.

3 (three) hours achieved as
FRL -/240/180

Testing undertaken at CSIRO, North Ryde. 12/04/23.

Overall wall thickness 75mm.

Professor Paul J Hazell is a global leader in the field of ballistics materials.


As a Professor of Impact Dynamics, my primary research focuses on the behaviour of materials and structures under the extreme conditions of ballistic penetration and shock-loading. Through my work, I explore cutting-edge material designs tailored for defence and civil applications.

UBIQ Technology’s Ballistics Panels are an innovative and disruptive technology that represents an improvement in ballistic performance of a cement, but also a groundbreaking fusion of ballistic and fire-resistant properties within a cement composite

This innovation has the potential for multiple applications in both civilian and defence sectors.
Professor Paul J Hazell
Professor of Impact Dynamics,


Introducing BalPlus_2401
AS/NZS 2343 – R1&S1
FRL -/240/180
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